Friday, August 8, 2014

Soho House Chicago opens with wood supplied by MFP Flooring

We are excited for the August 11, 2014 grand opening of the new Soho House Chicago. MFP Flooring was instrumental in supplying all of the wood used in the Soho house from floor to ceiling. Much of the wood used is reclaimed from various factories and buildings along with the new material and the designs are awesome. Here are some pre-opening shots of some of our work. The completed photos are can be seen here.

If you need any type of wood for your architectural project please contact us, we offer competitive pricing and we are an owner operated mill with showrooms in NYC, Chicago and NJ. We have a lot of experience with both commercial and residential projects. 212-595-0900 or visit one of our showrooms. Email: or on the web at

The Soho House Chicago is one of the most-anticipated Hotels opening next week in Chicago. Here are some of the beauty shots of the new Soho House Chicago. MFP Flooring supplied all of the interior wood from floor to ceiling. Call us for your next project. 212-595-0900.